Under the circumstance of climate crisis getting worse and countries are vigorously developing clean energy to replace traditional fossil fuels, with rich wind power in the country, driven by policy guidance and support, national equipment and technology innovation, China's Offshore Wind Power develops into a new era.
The real rapid development of offshore wind power began in 2014 after the National Energy Administration issued the 《Notice on Printing and Distributing the National Offshore Wind Power Development and Construction Plan (2014-2016)》, and after six years of development, China offshore wind power manufacturing, construction and operation & maintenance technology levels have continued to improve, showing a trend of declining power generation and increasing installed capacity in 2019.
It is expected the cumulative installed capacity of China offshore wind power will reach 49.706 million kw in 2023. And according to China's "14th Five-Year" power development plan, coastal provinces such as Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shandong, Liaoning & Guangxi shall be put in priority to develop by building 7 large-scale offshore wind power base, while the total capacity of installation shall reach 71 million kw & 132 million kw in 2035 and 2050 respectively.
With the continuous improvement of technology level, China's wind power policy has gradually changed from subsidies to the driving for parity on the grid, while more incline to develop decentralized wind power projects and emphasizes wind power grid integration and consumption capabilities from 2019.
Following the release of the "Options on Promoting the Healthy Development of Non-Water Renewable Energy Power Generation' (CJ[2020](hereinafter referred to as "Opinion No. 4) issued by the of Finance, Development and Reform Commission and Energy Administration jointly, central government subsidies to withdraw new offshore wind power project is a foregone conclusion in 2020.
Eliminating subsidies, improving equipment reliability, and improving the level of equipment localization are the main problems of China offshore wind power development in the future.
At the same time, with the development of wind power operation and maintenance on the ground, the offshore wind power operation and maintenance has also entered the public's perspective. The problems such as cost remains high, the lacking experience and the under construction system have been put on the agenda for industry discussion.
The 2022 China Offshore Wind Development Summit will be held on May 27-28 in Shanghai Marriott Hotel Riverside. This conference will focus on hot topics such as energy "14th Five-Year Plan", power infrastructure construction, wind power tariff planning, technology update, foreign investment, and etc.,, It will provide a good communication platform for industry players and provide good assistance to promote the development of the industry. More


Current Status and Prospects of Global and China's Offshore Wind Power Development
Development trend of China's offshore wind power during the 14th Five-Year Plan period under the dual-carbon background
Industry Challenges Brought by Wind Subsidies Decline
Deep & Far Sea Wind Power Development and Technical Solution Explore
Floating Offshore Wind Power Development and Technology
Offshore Wind turbine infrastructure, materials, and technologies innovation
New projects under development and construction of offshore wind power
Cost reducing of EPC construction for offshore wind power
Offshore wind farm planning, design and environmental assessment
Analysis and Prospects of domestic offshore wind power construction equipment and current situation development
Status Quo and Development and Innovation Trends of Submarine Cable Industry
Innovative development of offshore wind power Projects and Engineering
Technical innovation of offshore wind power operation and maintenance equipment
Digital operation and maintenance technology and application of offshore wind power domestic and abroad
Offshore smart wind farm construction and digital operation and maintenance technology
Offshore wind power digital technology and big data application
Application of intelligence and 5G, AI technology in offshore wind farms
Case study of wind farm operation and maintenance technology
Offshore Wind Power and Energy Storage Utilization
Construction of supporting facilities for offshore wind power
Construction of offshore wind power integrated park


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Electric Power Design Institute, Offshore Wind Power Survey and Design Institute
National and provincial offshore wind power development and investment groups
Energy companies, Wind farms, Offshore transmission operators,Investors, installers, and wind power developers
Wind power complete machine companies and operation and maintenance companies, etc.
Facilities manufacturers include hubs, blades, generators, gearboxes, bearings, towers, cables, etc.
System integrators
EPC, Design, Certification and Consulting Institution
Engineering & Contractors
Distributed Wind Power Generation System and Energy Sorage Service Provider
Offshore Wind Power facilities Providers such as industrial parks, ports, logistics, etc.


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